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Information Update for Parents/Guardians


I first wanted to start off by thanking the Health Care sector and any front line workers for the challenging but critical work they are doing right now.  We are grateful to them for the extra risks they are enduring during these extraordinary times and the extra stress on their families that this is placing.  Our community will only be stronger for your devoted efforts!  


The impact of this rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic is being felt in unprecedented ways in not just our community but around the world. I hope that you and your family are doing well and following the advice of the health officials to keep yourselves and your communities healthy. We must all do our part to help stop the spread.  Patience and resiliency are being asked of everyone but when working together we can make a positive change.


Now that Spring Break is over and no end is in site to this pandemic we are having to switch gears to a new normal.  This is new territory for everyone and there is a united effort that is being undertaken across the education sector this week about the continuity of learning.  This will not look like anything that we have ever seen or done before so it will take time for these adjustments to come into play.  By now all families should have had contact from your School.  They are navigating their way as best they can so please be patient. Alternate instructions plans are being created to best meet the needs of students and learning will look very different for each grade.  


While teachers and schools have primary responsibility for continuous learning, the government has launched “Keep Learning BC”. This is a central place where families can find ideas for everyday educational activities, links to free learning resources, as well as how to help children learn and how to ensure their well-being while they are at home. Keep Learning is available at:  The Keep Learning page has four icons on the bottom with popup pages with detailed information. The page contains helpful guides to maintain routines and stay safe online, giving parents information about how talk to their children about COVID-19, along with other mental health resources to manage stress or anxiety.  Huge stresses are being placed on families right now so please communicate with your teachers when they are in touch with you on how much your individual family can handle in regards to school work at this time. Please remember Instruction will not just flip over 100% to online. It will not look the same nor will it be a complete replacement to in-class instruction. Your first line of communication will still remain speaking to your teacher first if you have questions about this new way of learning. Keep communication lines open and honest with your teacher so they know how best to help your child during this crisis.


For individual PAC’s right now unless your PAC has urgent business that needs to be dealt with please take this time to only reach out to your parent population at your school to let them know PAC business is not a priority at this time. As an executive team keep in touch with your Administration but put your focus on your family right now.  Follow the Health Authority guidelines and reassess your needed business according to their directive and the School District guidelines. All business should be able to be postponed till our current crisis changes for the better again.


The RDPA is available via email if anyone has questions they need assistance with.  We are involved still at the District level but unfortunately we will have to postpone our AGM scheduled for May.  We need to provide 30 days notice, prior to May 5th, to our voting members for the AGM to take place and unfortunately at this given time the COVID-19 crisis leaves us unsure if we will be allowed to meet in person at that point.  We do not allow proxy voting in our constitution so therefore we will postpone the AGM till June 2nd and see what happens with the current crisis situation in May.  Our number one priority as a community right now is staying home and staying safe!  We need to protect ourselves and others by following this directive from the government.


Please know that discussions and sharing of information is happening constantly in the education sector right now and that not all the answers are known at this time.  Remain patient and supportive and as we move forward together we will make this work!  Please check the SD38 website and your school website for updates, they will provide any necessary information needed to guide you through these next few weeks.


On behalf of the RDPA Executive, we wish safety and good health for all our families, 

Dionne McFie - RDPA President 


Fri, 2020/04/03 - 4:27pm