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RDPA executives for 2017/2018

We are pleased to announce the following RDPA executives for
2017/2018.  Some of them you already know and some of them are new.
We look forward to working closely with the School Board Trustees and
all Stakeholders.  Thanks

President – Dionne McFie (Byng, McMath)
Vice President – Andrew Scallion (Bridge)
Secretary – Jody Natsuhara (Steves)
Treasurer –  Sowon Huh (Anderson)

Members at Large
 1.       Lingly Wilson (Westwind/McMath)
 2.       Kevin Lainchbury (McNair)
 3.       Suzy White (Westwind)
 4.       Danny Yu (McKinney)
 5.       Catherine North (Steves)
 6.       Colleen Howu (Mitchell)

Immediate Past President – Anne Chen (Steveston London)

Wed, 2017/06/14 - 3:14am