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Discussion 2: Government Priorities on Budget 2017


While our ongoing legislated commitment to a balanced budget means government will continue to make choices on
behalf of British Columbians, we value the input of British Columbians in helping to make such choices. We have enjoyed steady economic growth, creating the revenue that now allows us to expand these choices.

What are the priorities that you want government to consider? For example:

  • Increase programming and funding for environmental protection and climate change
  • Increase the number of provincial camp sites in B.C. parks
  • Increase investments in policing and public safety
  • Increase social assistance
  • More hospitals, healthcare facilities and healthcare programs, including mental health
  • More schools and funding for K-12 education
  • More roads, highways and bridges
  • Reduce the PST
  • Reduce MSP premiums
  • Reduce ICBC, BC Hydro, BC Ferries rates and fees
  • Other ideas

Please submit your thoughts below. Please note that any comments that appear to be repetitive or petitions, will be considered but no longer approved to be posted in the forum according to #10 of the Moderation Policy.

Sun, 2017/02/05 - 1:16pm