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Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do-It Program (MEND) at City Centre Community Centre

MEND is a fun, healthy living, family-based education program for children who are above a healthy weight and looking to become fitter, healthier and happier. The program facilitates safe, effective and lasting lifestyle changes by improving children’s physical activity levels, nutrition and self-esteem.


Families take part in fun 2-hour sessions twice a week for 10 weeks that combine active living (physical exercise), healthy eating and behaviour change. The first hour is interactive discussions and activities about nutrition and behaviour change for the family. The second hour involves continued discussion for the parents while the children engage in fun, physical activities. By attending MEND:


·         Families learn about all aspects of nutrition, including how to make healthy food choices.

·         They learn how to read food labels, understand fats and sugars and the difference between refined and unrefined foods and how to prepare a healthy balanced meal.

·         They learn how to change their eating and exercise habits through mind exercises such as setting goals and rewards and how being active can be fun.


**Each child that graduates from this program will receive a substantial recreation credit in dollar amount to register for physical activity based programs across the City of Richmond’s Community Centres, Aquatics and Arenas.


Sat, 2016/12/17 - 7:22pm