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About Us

The Richmond District Parents Advisory Committee (RDPA) – do you ever wonder who they are and what they do for you and your children? The RDPA comprises of parents who volunteer their time to advocate for the rights of the students and their families, the Richmond district comprises of 22000+ students in 48 schools (elementary and secondary school).

Below are just some of the committee and projects that the RDPA is involved in:

Belonging Project (Code of Conduct Committee): understanding high school students in the LGBTQ community and whether we as a district are as inclusive as we say we are – first step at looking at implementing a LGBTQ policy that protects all students

Calendar Committee: sorting out pro-d days and spring break on both balanced/regular calendars to ensure that families and students are not inconvenienced by 4 day weeks.  Making sure we work with the City of Richmond to offer daycare/camp programs for working parents.

Education Committee: working together on the learning needs of students (i.e., studying skills, new Math Curriculum, ELL support, EA support, resource support)

New BCEd Curriculum: understanding the new implementation of the new curriculum and how it will affect our students from K-9 and then the new graduation years

Learning and the Brain Conference: understanding anxiety and mental health in students and how parents can help.  Different workshops for different needs were featured (i.e. helping students with math, helping students with eating disorders, supporting the French Immersion students, supporting your ELL students)

Dry Grad Committee Funding: helping parents help grad students put on an amazing event to end their year safely

Parents as Career Coaches: helping parents help students get jobs and coach them in their career path

Technology Committee: ensuring there is a technology plan and that that students have the necessary resources to stay current with technological advancements.  We ensure that our schools have new computers/ipads and programs to enhance learning in the classroom

Long Range Facilities Plan: working with district to look at catchments and densification in certain areas and how it affects students in regards to feeder schools and communities, including facility closures

Advocate for more EA: ensure funding and the district has a plan; ensuring all students, not only the special needs students, have support in the classroom

Parent Education: Offering programs like Food Safe Certification Course to ensure schools have parents who have their food safe certification so that students can enjoy the fruits/vegetable program and hot food lunch programs. Each year a new program is offered based on community needs.

Stakeholder involvement: The Executive committee attend meetings and functions to ensure that we as parents have a voice at the district and Ministry level to advocate the needs of the STUDENTS and families

RDPA and PAC meetings: Host and attend meetings to ensure that the PACs are run efficiently to fundraise and allocate needs for students to have “extras”.  Collaborate ideas and support each other in the community.

There are many more committees that the RDPA are involved with or would like to be more active in. If you are interested in being involved in any of the above programs or would like more information, please come out to our next meeting at the Richmond School Board (7811 Granville Avenue) or via email